Midnight Oil Authors – Karen Vaughan

Veteran author Karen Vaughan is our next featured contributor to Midnight Oil:  An Anthology, a new collection from Southern Owl Publications.  Hailing from Canada, Karen writes murder mysteries, as she puts it, "Killing People Off One Page at a Time." Karen Vaughan, Contributing Author featured in Midnight Oil:  An Anthology I caught up with Karen... Continue Reading →

Meet the Midnight Oil Authors – Skyler Rankin

This week, I'll be sharing interviews from authors whose work is featured in Southern Owl Publications' upcoming release, Midnight Oil:  An Anthology.  Today's interview is with yours truly, Skyler Rankin.  Here are my answers to the Midnight Oil interview team's questions:   Skyler Rankin, Author Recording at the studio at Woodland Media Creative Services 1.... Continue Reading →

The Phantom

Those who know me best know that I love my fur babies.  About a month ago, I lost a dear senior cat who had been my constant companion from the day we got her. She had been a rescue kitty, and when we brought her home, she was frantic. I barely got her into the... Continue Reading →

Regular Stuff

If you've been following my stories about Phantom, our recently adopted kitty, you know what a difficult time he's had adjusting to his new home at the Rankin's place.  The Humane Society told me he had been adopted from there as a kitten and that his owners had him for several years before bringing him... Continue Reading →

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

As you've noticed, I'm re-releasing Viral Dawn with an updated cover, and I anticipate releasing the sequel soon.  I thought it might be a good time to start answering some of the questions readers have asked about Viral Dawn and other things. Here are some of the latest questions: Question:  Why did you end Viral... Continue Reading →

Breaking News from the Zombie Front

I've got excellent news from the zombie front. I've just put the finishing touches on the new cover for the first book in my apocalyptic series, Viral Dawn!  While I loved the previous cover, I wanted a new look that more closely matched the story.  And.....voila! The new cover was created by yours truly, and... Continue Reading →

Midnight Oil Anthology

The authors of Southern Owl Publications have been mixing up a brand new brew of great reads for your entertainment in the Midnight Oil Anthology, available now on Amazon. The worlds of multiple authors echo in the shadows and will keep you reading into the late-night hours in the Midnight Oil Anthology, a collection of stories... Continue Reading →

Keeping up with Jerry Pociask

I recently had the opportunity to create an audio sampler for my friend and fellow writer, Jerry Pociask to assist with his promotions. It was exciting working with Jerry and a delight to work with his material, which is a bit of a departure for me. The sample, which you can listen to below, is... Continue Reading →

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