Kicker: The Forgotten Front

As we approach Veterans' Day, author and veteran, R. Grey Hoover, asked me to share with you his novel, entitled Kicker.  Like many of you, my father and a number of other family members and friends have served in the military, so when Grey asked, of course, I was willing to help him share his... Continue Reading →

#Mustread Midnight Oil Anthology

Check out our new collection of short tales of deception, including tales by USA Today Bestselling Author, D.A. Roach, author, Joe King, Joe Pranaitis, Karen Vaughan, Taylor Floyd, Author Sarah Stein, Crystal L Gauthier, Freya LeCrow, Skyler Rankin, and Viv Drewa. Midnight Oil Anthology, NOW AVAILABLE! $2.99 #NewRelease #Lies #MidnightOil, #Anthology, #Deception #Book, #Mustread... Continue Reading →

Midnight Oil Anthology Author, D.A. Roach

Q&A with Midnight Oil Anthology author, D.A. Roach, Author of Bent Bottom's 1. Inquiring minds want to know what makes you tick. Tell us about your life. I grew up in the Midwest, lived in Chicagoland area, Michigan, Texas, and settled in Indiana. I’ve tried several careers, thankfully my outgoing personality, creativity, adaptability, and smarts... Continue Reading →


If you stopped by last week, I'm sure you noticed.  I mean, how could you not notice the SNAFU on my site.  There were no less than 300 duplicate posts on me staining our deck.  If you checked in on Twitter, you'd find the same.  It was a bad case of automation gone awry.  So here's... Continue Reading →

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