Back in my previous life…well, my previous career, I worked in broadcasting and had a brief stint as a radio announcer for our local NPR affiliate. I loved that work, and I’ve always wanted to try audio drama.  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to begin narrating audiobooks.

I recently dove head-first into the latest audio recording technology, and things have really changed since the days of cutting reel-to-reel tape with razor blades in the studios of my campus radio station, let me tell you.  I’ve moved up to a MacBook Pro and a Behringer audio setup, and all my cutting and pasting now is done sans razor blade.  I’ve started my own recording operation, affectionately called Woodland Media Creative Services.


My first full-length project is working with author Karen Vaughan to record her book, Dead on Arrival. It’s a mystery with suspenseful and paranormal elements.  Take a peek at our sneak preview! Dead on Arrival Audiobook Preview.

Where to Buy: Amazon, Audible, iTunes

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