Back in my previous life…well, my previous career, I worked in broadcasting and had a brief stint as a radio announcer for our local NPR affiliate. I loved that work, and I’ve always wanted to try audio drama.  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to begin narrating audiobooks.

I recently dove head-first into the latest audio recording technology, and things have really changed since the days of cutting reel-to-reel tape with razor blades in the studios of my campus radio station, let me tell you.  I’ve moved up to a MacBook Pro and a Behringer audio setup, and all my cutting and pasting now is done sans razor blade.  I’ve started my own recording operation, affectionately called Woodland Media Creative Services.


My first full-length project is working with author Viv Drewa to record her book, Owl of the Sipan Lord. It’s a mystery with suspenseful and paranormal elements.  Take a peek at our sneak preview of Owl of the Sipan Lord with this 20+ minute preview, and stay tuned as we keep you posted on our progress with this project. Enjoy!

I also recently had the opportunity to create an audio sampler for my friend and fellow writer, Jerry Pociask to assist with his promotions. It was exciting working with Jerry and a delight to work with his material, which is a bit of a departure for me. The sample, which you can listen to below, is a chapter entitled End of Life from his book, Hidden Lives: An Anthology. It’s an excerpt from the lives of a man and his wife facing their last moments together as she battles cancer. It was especially touching for me because the couple in the story are from the World War II generation, as my parents were. It brought back many memories for me. I hope you enjoy it.

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