Rave Reviews

As indie authors, many of us struggle to get reviews, and they are hard to come by. It’s a tremendous amount of work to find willing readers and encourage them to leave their comments on your books. Every now and then, I get a review that absolutely floors me like this one from Will Mayo. Will, I am so humbled by your kind words and the thought and effort you put into your assessment of Viral Dawn. Here’s what Will had to say:

A remarkable thriller, perhaps most memorable for the amount of time it spends on character development (as much character development as the early novels of Stephen King) and for its scientific explanations for the essentially supernatural phenomenon of the undead – including coining the term “necro-regenerative cycle,” a nice touch – with its suitable villains being my country’s armaments industry and the evil scientists that run it, I enjoyed this book. It kept me going through a hectic time in my life in which I found myself blowing up at people who were in my life personally and professionally and kept my mind off my troubles. More importantly, it was a good ride. And that’s all anybody could ask out of anything in this life, a good ride. The ride is everything.

Perhaps most notable was this paragraph from chapter five –

“The rattle of phlegm gurgling in dying lungs could be heard carrying on the wind. It was the sound of possibly a hundred walking corpses breathing death into the night. Every fiber in my body, every nerve, every cell screamed in terror, and I fought the urge to turn and run and leave the man where he stood.”

Although this was not my favorite of zombie novels (for that, my single most favorite zombie novel will always be Richard Matheson’s “I Am Dead” from about 60 years ago), it will always hold a special place in memory because of the author’s innovations and her remarkable craftmanship. I look forward to seeing more work by her in the future.

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