Dead on Arrival Available on Audible!

I’m so excited to announce that my very first audiobook as a narrator is now available through Audible! Dead on Arrival is a collaboration with my author colleague, Karen Vaughan. It’s the first book in a series about snarky thirty-something, Laura Hamilton. Laura wakes up one morning to find that someone has dumped a body in her living room, and the air isn’t the only thing foul. Turns out she knows the deceased through connections from work, which places her in the middle of the investigation. It’s a fun story with the feel of an edgier cozy. Check it out on audible, and watch my teaser sample below.

Imagine waking up on the morning after you quit your job to find a dead body of someone you know on your living room floor. That’s what happens to Laura Hamilton.

In her first adventure, things go bump in the night as she finds the body of an un-liked debt collector in her living room. How did he get there, and why did he get dumped on her turf? She not only needs a job, she needs a minor miracle to get out of this mess.

Laura and Gerry, her handsome Building Superintendent, dodge bullets and exploding cars while helping the police find a killer. Meanwhile, her mom is trying to marry her off and get her a job at her Cousin’s restaurant.

Where to Buy: Amazon, Audible, iTunes

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