As a public service announcement, if you look for my books on Amazon, and you search by my name, Skyler Rankin, you’ll find another Skyler Rankin has emerged on the scene and has been publishing a slew of coloring books. There are so many you may have to weed through several pages to find my books. The coloring books are not mine, and I don’t know the person who is posting them. Here’s a photo below so you’ll recognize them.

The titles of the books are just, well, let’s say interesting. They range from Freddie Mercury to tennis stars, soccer, pigs, badgers (I’m not making this up), hipsters, the royal family, Ryan Gosling & Daniel Radcliffe, roller derby, and Kim Jong Un. As you might imagine, I completely freaked out when I watched my book disappear into obscurity as more and more coloring books appeared by the day. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s Russian trolls, but since I’m not important enough to deserve that kind of treatment, I’m guessing this is just someone hoping to profit from the current adult coloring book craze.

So, what’s happening as a result of all this is that my author name is effectively overwhelmed by non-novels. The coloring books are being posted so quickly and with such frequency, my book is buried. Oh, and as I write this post, junk food and LOL now have their own volumes. If you could imagine, it’s a lot like watching your house burn down and being powerless to stop it. All of this is to say….those are not my books, so if you see them, please don’t be misled into thinking they’re mine.

Anyone can use any pen name they want on Amazon, and there’s really not much I can do at this point to stop my pen name from swirling down into keyword hell. Independent authors work hard to bring you their books. They often spend more of their own money than they make to do this. I do it because I love writing stories for my readers, and I just don’t want you to be misled into thinking these other products are mine.

For now, to find my books, I recommend searching for the titles when you can, following my blog here on the website, and checking with my Amazon author page.

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