Viral Dawn – Extended Edition Is Here!

Viral Dawn - Extended Edition by Skyler Rankin has been released!
It’s here! Viral Dawn – Extended Edition has been released!

What if your world changed in seconds, destroying everything you thought you knew and thrusting you into a new reality where your very survival depends on every move you make, every decision, and every step you take? Every. Move. Matters.

An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly cloud carrying a genetically engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. High school senior, Casey Williams has taken refuge at the school with friends and others who managed to survive the blast and ensuing viral outbreak. They’re safe. For now. But supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter as Casey realizes the time is coming they will need to get out. She is determined to lead her friends to safety only to discover that she’s led them into even greater danger. Determined to save her friends, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive.

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Behind the Scenes

Why was Viral Dawn revised and re-released? Inquiring minds what to know.

Several years ago, the school psychologist in me set out with a simple goal: to write high-interest, low-level books for struggling readers. Viral Dawn was written for that specific purpose. It was short, a novella of about 30k words. Its sentences were easy to read, and the plot was straightforward with no subplots. The students I shared it with loved it, but I quickly learned the niche was so small that it made publishing more books like it impossible just because of the costs associated with it.

On the positive side, I had great feedback from other readers and my focus group. They loved this zombie story because it was a departure from the norm. It’s told from the perspective of a strong young high school senior, Casey Williams. Despite coming from a less than perfect home, she’s a survivor who doesn’t back down from risk when she or her friends are threatened. She’s relatable because she’s not perfect. She makes mistakes but perseveres.

The previous version was a novella of about 30k words, and the extended edition is more than 93k. I’m working on a sequel, but Viral Dawn can be read as a standalone book. There’s no cliffhanger.

I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did writing it. If you would like to read it, I’m currently giving away 50 free ebooks from to the first people who request copies. If you’d like a copy and might also enjoy some cool swag, connect with me on Facebook and let me know.

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