Within the Darkest Hollows – D.A. Roach

Within the Darkest Hollows is the second book in D.A. Roach’s Demon Hunters series. By the end of book one, Cassidy discovered a new dimension where Demons and Demon Hunters carry out a centuries-old battle between good and evil just beneath the awareness of mortals. Having lost her boyfriend to a car accident and learned his soul had been possessed by the Demon queen Rya, she felt compelled to do something….anything to help the fight and save him with the help of Killian, the powerful leader of the hunters. Surprisingly, Tyler, a half-human, half-demon who had been promised to Rya, becomes a staunch ally in the fight. 

During a fight with Rya, Killian is severely injured and stripped of his powerful and protective clan mark, a tattoo infused with angel blood. With his defenses down, Killian’s behavior begins to change, and Cassidy realizes more is afoot than a physical injury. Cassidy seeks the help of a powerful former hunger, Serena, who lives in the human realm but still has powerful spells and potions in her arsenal. All ‘hell’ breaks loose as Killian disappears with the enchanted ring Cassidy’s deceased mother had given her.

Cassidy must get the ring back to protect it from Rya, who is its actual owner. With it, she would have increased power and would be a greater threat to humans. Tyler had also been promised to Rya as a mate, which places him in danger as well. For now, Tyler is in love with Cassidy, and his inner demons are being kept at bay by powerfully enchanted tattoos. He is noble, honorable and unwavering in his efforts to protect Cassidy, but the tattoos, are starting to disappear…

This book packs a punch in plot-building suspense. As a reader, I felt the tension building throughout as layer upon layer of conflict propelled me toward…toward…what? A final conflict is coming. I know it. The characters know it, but what will happen? Will Killian recover? Will Tyler’s dark side take over? Can Cassidy redeem her boyfriend’s soul? Will Rya choose the ring over Tyler? Will she get both? Will Cassidy ever have a home and family of her own? These are the questions keeping me up at night as I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Where to Buy: https://amzn.to/2VzWA8y

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