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If you’ve been following my stories about Phantom, our recently adopted kitty, you know what a difficult time he’s had adjusting to his new home at the Rankin’s place.  The Humane Society told me he had been adopted from there as a kitten and that his owners had him for several years before bringing him back. It seems that due to some unavoidable situations, they were unable to keep him.  I suppose that is why it was hard for him.  I can’t imagine.  His big, soulful eyes won me over at first sight.Once at our house, it took him almost three weeks to come out of hiding, but I’m delighted to report he’s doing so much better!  He even goes outside now.  He’s bonded with our other furbabies and is acting like he was born here. He’s even misbehaving by getting on the table, which I sort of see as a good sign. 😊 Of course, that’s a habit we’ll work on.  He sleeps on the back of the couch, and he gets so relaxed, he lies almost flat, like he’s been deflated.

He’s still a bit camera shy, but I was able to get a better photo of him with his eyes open…aren’t they dreamy?


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